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[16 Aug 2008|11:01am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi Im Rachel...xD, cant belive theres a rachel community. Hey guess what its my b-day woot!!

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The Major Benefits of Green Tea Antioxidants [18 Jun 2008|10:07am]

Green tea contains many beneficial nutrients and compounds, one example is the antioxidant. Green tea contains four primary polyphenols and these give rise to the green tea antioxidant. In recent studies these powerful antioxidants have been shown to fight viruses, slow aging and have an overall beneficial effect on a persons general health.

Catechins which is a part of the four primary polyphenols has been shown in recent clinical tests to destroy free radicals which has far reaching effects for the body. If left, free radicals could damage the body at the cellular level which leaves the body susceptible to cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases.

About the Green Tea Antioxidant

The ability to protect the brain and fight against diseases such as Alzheimers has also been found to be a benefit of green tea antioxidants. A recent study shows this to be true since high doses of green teas ingredient EGCG reduces the formation of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain of mice that developed Alzheimers disease.

EGCG is a flavonoid type of antioxidants that is typically found in plants and has been connected with many health benefits, including protecting against cancer and heart disease. EGCG is an important antioxidant in green tea that is proven to be the most primary explanation for why green tea is beneficial to a persons health.

The polyphenols in green tea claim to also contain antioxidants that are more potent such as Vitamin C and E. EGCG is better at protecting the cells and genetic material, or DNA, from damage than Vitamin C by 100 times and Vitamin E by 25 times. The damage to cells and genetic materials has been linked to health problems such as cancer, heart disease and other potentially life threatening illnesses.

The antioxidants that are found in green tea are important to acknowledge and understand. You should also know the positive aspects you can get from the components of these antioxidants that help your health and well-being.

About the Author: Colin Holcomb is writer of Green Tea Information. He also writes on green tea home remedies and different types of green tea product.

Luck link best recipes: peppermint cheesecake
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[05 Jan 2007|09:46pm]

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[27 Jul 2005|10:58pm]

oops, i forgot... i'm rachel :)

like you couldn't guess, right?
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[27 Jul 2005|10:54pm]

hey-- my friend (who has way too much time on her hands) was browsing or something, came across you guys, noticed an intrest was smurf (which happens to be my nickname) and told me i should join! which is why i'm here! and why i joined! and... now i'm rambling, so i'm going to shut up. i just wanted to say hi, and i didn't know there were so many rachels in the world. :)
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[26 Jun 2005|05:21pm]

okay so, its been over a month since annyyyone posted,
i feel like the rachels are falling apart (OH NO!)
come back rachels!!!

<3 Rachel
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This is Pretty Cool... [13 May 2005|11:34pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi! This community was just too funny not to join...all Rachels unite! Honestly, if we all did, we could totally conquer the world. :-P

-- Rachel (of course, lol)

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hi [27 Apr 2005|08:31am]

[ mood | im wierd ]

bye i have nothing to say

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[25 Apr 2005|07:09pm]



I'm rachel ; ) I'm a new member and i live in the netherlands..yeah!

kiss <3

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yay [25 Apr 2005|07:26am]

[ mood | im a rachel therefor im cool!! ]

ok so Rachel just got back from colorado
and im using Rachel O's purse again. go figure.
AND im sitting here in internet with Rachel, Rachel, AND Rachel!!! and some weird girl names Rachel walked in to the room and started passing out passes for the office. ....... there are too many rachels in the world. it gets confusing.

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this is my second entry!!! [21 Apr 2005|06:04pm]

[ mood | confused ]

yay! this is my second entry! cool huh? the only thing is i have nothing to write about. go figure. hmmm. oo oo oo. my dog had puppies!!! she is the mother of 5!ok im done thats all i had to say.

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Yay [20 Apr 2005|02:45pm]

[ mood | yay ]

Hi im Rachel (of course).
i am Rachel Riddles friend.
i joined b/c i really wanted to and i wanted to meet a couple other Rachels too.

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New [17 Apr 2005|04:37pm]

Hi, I'm Rachel, who would have guessed? I just thought I would introduce myself.

<3 Rachel
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[06 Apr 2005|03:48pm]

I am rachel.
who wants to be my rachel friend? I'll love you forever I promise!

anyone have any funky rachel nicknames? you know what else is awesome about our name? NOTHING RHYMES WITH IT!!
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Introduction [01 Apr 2005|10:31am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey all.
This is Keao.
I'm a new member hear.

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ehh. [22 Mar 2005|07:45pm]

hi.im Rachel.Ilive in waldorf,md.
i play soccer.
add me if ya want.<3
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[06 Mar 2005|11:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

omg i was hopeing there was a comunity like this!XD but rachels rock right!? and thank god this place has spelt it right instead of all those people who add the extra A whats with that!?!? but Rachel's rull all over!

any other rachels out there wanna be rachel buddies?add me mwaahh!

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This is so cool [25 Feb 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | This is so cool ]

I thought there must be a Rachel community there so darn many of us in the world! Good Job to whoever started this community for spelling our name right! Anyone want to be my Rachel friend as well?

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OMG!!! Its Rachel!!! [24 Feb 2005|09:52pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hooray. I never knew their was a Rachel community. My friend put Rachel on her interests list and I clicked on it and TA DA!!!
Woo hoo.

Anyone wanna be my Rachel friend?

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Omg! [20 Feb 2005|02:24pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hahaha. I never knew a place like this existed, but it does. So, hello.

I am Rachel. Of course. Worship me and my name. Or just the name. I am 13 and I live in Seattle. :D All you should know. My icon is me. I'm bizarre, just letting you know.

Don't know what else to say. I guess I like to draw and write.

Have a nice day, everyone! :)

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